TLC...Our Clients Come First!

Meet the Staff

Mathew Zamborsky

Mathew Zamborsky is The Director of Transportation here at TLC.

Jacob Pozderac

Jacob Pozderac is the Vice President of TLC as well as the IT Administrator. He is also Nisi's youngest son. 

Jeremy Pozderac

Jeremy Pozderac is the Secretary of the Board here at TLC. He is also Nisi's middle son. 

Sharyn Lohr

Sharyn is the Director of Staff Development and Safety here at TLC. She is in charge of training all of the new hires as well as continuing the education, in both safety and the DD field, of all employees here at TLC. 

Chelsea Pozderac

Chelsea Pozderac is the Head QIDP as well as Program Director here at TLC. She oversees the programming of all the clients throughout the 13 facilities and the Riverside Habilitation Center. She is Nathan's wife and Nisi's daughter in law. 

Nathan Pozderac

Nathan is Nisi's eldest son as well as an administrator here at TLC for the past 7 years. He will be the third generation of the family to take over TLC and will continue our commitment toward quality care.

Denise Pozderac

Nisi Pozderac is the CEO, President, and Administrator at TLC as well as the daughter of TLC's founders, Robert and Wilma Trivanovich. Nisi has been an administrator for over 33 years, and worked in other capacities prior to becoming an administrator.  She has dedicated her entire life to helping our individuals and has introduced her 3 sons to the business as well as 2 daughter-in-laws.


Leslie Caldwell

Leslie is our Director of Nursing, overseeing all of the House managers and Nursing staff at all 13 group homes as well as the Riverside Habilitation Center.


Lin Humpal

Lin is the head of the Social Services department here at TLC and is a Licensed Social Worker. She is here to help the clients and guardians with any questions they might have in reference to placement and the rights of our clients.  Lin has worked here for 30 years as of October 2012.


Kelly Pronik

Kelly is the Human Resource Manager here at TLC. She is responsible for the hiring of new staff as well as many other employee related aspects of TLC.